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New Build Design

Starting a new building from scratch is a large undertaking.  Designing the building to suit your needs is essential for you to get the most out of your investment.  Our diverse experience in office space, warehousing, production, and more make us the ideal candidates to take on your project.  We have extensive experience working alongside clients, engineers, and architects to make the client’s vision come to life.

Permitting and Approvals

Before you break ground on your new build, you will need all your permits and approvals in line.  Experienced in handling municipal permitting and approvals for over 50 years, we know what you need to get your project started.  We have the experience with the approval process for zoning, site plan approval, building permits and more in municipalities across the GTA and beyond.

Project Management

Astral’s Project management team will be with you throughout the length of the project to ensure everything runs smoothly.  From the beginning of the project, whether it be design or tender award, your project will be assigned a project management team.  Our team will take care of any permit, product / material procurement, logistical and other any needs required before the project begins.  Once construction has started, a site supervisor will be added to the team.  Our site supervisors manage the day-to-day workings of our sites, and will be on the front line, making sure your project runs smoothly.  The entire Astral Building team is dedicated to keeping your project safe, on-time, and on-budget.

Project Completion + Closeout

Working hand-in-hand with the permitting process, our project management team also has a great deal of experience with building inspections, inspectors, and the permit closeout process.  This experience allows us to minimize any delays on the project due to outstanding inspections, paperwork, etc.  We will schedule all the necessary inspections during construction and make sure inspectors have everything they need to open your new building.  We will also provide you with all the necessary closeout documents and manuals for your project.

The processes for project completion and closeouts include:

As-built Drawings
Show Drawings
Change Orders
Insurance Documents
Operation Manuals, and more.